surreal painting by south african artist pieter van tonder titled 'the first step'

The First Step

Size: 120 x 100cm | Oil on Canvas | SOLD This original painting is for sale! Price: ZAR 14000 Most of us resonate with the wisdom to seize the moment and to live each day […]

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surreal painting by south african artist pieter van tonder titled 'behind the veil 1'

The Nature of Reality

A lot can be uttered on this topic. This painting explores the mystery of why two, related, transient beings, often observe a shared reality to have different confines.

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The walls are filling…

I had the good fortune to be commissioned to paint seven huge canvasses for a hotel restaurant in Cape Town. I started working on the first drafts at the end of September 2013 and currently […]

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Glimpse of Leopard painting

Tiptoeing up to a leopard part II

This painting, although the first stage took only three days,  has been one of the gradually evolving backdrops to the last three months of my life that’s been undergoing an even greater metamorphosis. I’ve been […]

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Tiptoeing up to a leopard

As we walk through life, from challenge to opportunity, from tribulation to titillation, hardship to bliss, through love and heartbreak, as if through the rifts, jungles and savannas of an untouched continent, the number of […]

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The Seventh Veil

This is the seventh and last canvas in the series. I had already been working on the other six for months while this one remained ominously blank. I left this one for last for two […]

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Color revolution.

I entirely failed to update this blog as frequently as I intended, when I launched it a few months ago. The reasons can be explained here but that will make an extremely boring post and […]

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Crisp foreground

The human eye has a great time absorbing our beautiful world, day after day, from first light to dark. Almost without tire, the eye patiently follows lines, and shapes; it jumps from color to patch […]

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