My name is Pieter van Tonder. I am a fine artist from South Africa, specializing in oils on canvas, working mainly in the broad genre of surrealism.

I create very unique, original paintings, based on imaginary landscapes wherin I play with dream and visionary elements to tell interesting stories and explore a variety of themes.


I am honored to take on commissions, which I take very seriously. Through quality communication and a deep level of engagement throughout the entire creative process, we craft you a highly personalized, very detailed masterpiece. Truly one of a kind.

To learn more about these collaborations go here.

After 15 years as a self-taught artist, I am fluent in my skill and all tension in terms of technique is largely eliminated. I am thus free to explore anything the sub-conscious mind presents and can depict it on canvas. Thankfully that does not mean that there is no room for improvement!

To the contrary. Every new painting presents its own brand new challenges and opportunities to grow and learn. What greater joy can there be than to improve and find a better version of oneself beyond every crest?

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