Commission your own unique, personalized painting!

You have a particular empty space in your house or office and want a painting to fill it and bring some life and color into the space. But, you want more than a pretty picture, some marks, color and composition; you want something deeper. Perhaps more personal or spiritual. You want to be moved by the work of art...

You have searched everywhere. Galleries and the internet are flooded with art and images and you just don't seem to find that perfect painting which is just right for you! The good news is that you just found the solution: Commission an artist to do a painting for you!

To be even more precise: Commission this very artist. Over the last 15 years I have developed the skills and a fairly unique format through which we design and develop your concept. There are many other sites on the internet that try to facilitate this process. Here, you deal directly with me, the artist himself. There is no third party or middle agent complicating the process. Please read more further below about the process and the steps we will follow. Or email me with an outline of your idea or with a question and I will respond immediately and elaborate on the various options.


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