Commission your own unique, personalized painting!

You have a particular empty space in your house or office and want a painting to fill it and bring some life and color into the space. But, you want a bit more than just a pretty picture with some marks and bits of color; you want something deeper. You would like the painting to be a bit more personal, tell a story or reflect a dream, vision or ideal.

You have searched everywhere. Galleries and the internet are flooded with art and images but you don't seem to find that one painting that is just right for you! The good news is that you just found the solution: Commission an artist to do a painting for you!

To be even more precise: Commission this very artist. Over the last 15 years I have developed the skills and a fairly unique format through which I design and develop your concept. There are many other sites on the internet that try to facilitate this process. Here, you deal directly with me, the artist himself. There is no third party or middle agent complicating the process. Please read further below about the process and the steps that we will follow to create your painting. You can contact me now me with an outline of your idea or with questions and I will respond immediately and elaborate on the various options.

The Journey:

  • Communication. We discuss your idea at length, via email, video link or in person. Whatever suits best.
  • Writing. I write everything down and spend a lot of time studying and pondering the content and I do extensive research into any interesting words, concepts that might arise. I would ask pointed questions to seek and obtain specific bits of information to complete the picture.
  • Drawing. Based on our discussions and your feedback I visualize the concept and create the first drafts. You might already have a clear vision, in which case I work on the drafts immediately.
  • Digital concept. Once you are satisfied with the draft concept I go ahead and create a fairly detailed version of the painting using a Wacom stylus and digital painting software. This digital painting offers a very effective reflection of what the final painting will look like. We thus eliminate all chance of disappointment in the later phase of the actual painting. Final adjustments are made to the digital version and the client gives the 'go ahead'.
  • Painting. After all this preliminary work and with a crisp mental impression of the piece, I lock myself into the studio and lay down the very first brush strokes.
  • Glimpses and feedback. During the entire process I share glimpses of progress. You witness the development of the painting through all the phases; from the rough first strokes right through to the final tweaks with tiny brushes!
  • Completion and delivery. Once the painting is done and you are 100% happy, we arrange shipment or delivery. In some cases, if realistic and feasible, I would do the delivery and installation of the painting myself.