Alternative Reality

surreal painting by south african artist pieter van tonder titled 'behind the veil 1'

A lot can be uttered on this topic. This painting explores the mystery of why two, related, transient beings, often observe a shared reality to have different confines.

What to one may seem as a simple straightforward possibility, to another mind may be incomprehensible. I think that to a degree we assume that we share affinity with regard to how we perceive reality. I think that as we grow older we stubbornly realize with more clarity how myopic this assumption is. And how dangerous.

Who can claim the superior grasp on reality?

Who can say: ‘The way I see things, the way I perceive the world, is more valid than yours.” ?

These matters and more I ponder as I work on this painting.

Background was painted very fast, with the central figure. The next day Vera waltzed out in the blue dress, struck a spontaneous pose and appeared in the painting.

Thankfully, we are not cast in stone, neither our minds, nor the way we think.

As soon as we allow ourselves a bit of freedom, a loser grip on the perceptions we cling to so blindly, perhaps we can finally see the alternatives, the possibilities and solutions.

This painting needs another few hours. It, perhaps clearly, has a very personal subtext on which I will not now elaborate. Only this: My craft is my Merlin, teacher and friend.

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