Project: El Shaddai

A wonderful creation; commission of a surreal painting

This was the second collaboration of similar magnitude as its predecessor ‘The Eye’ and successfully completed in 2013. Size: 90 x 120cm

It all started with the client’s description of a vision. We discussed the concept and I spent a few days coming up with different ideas. Gradually the concept matured and I picked up the brushes.

Although the painting is carefully planned and preconceived, as soon as brush and pigment touch the canvas, the enigmatic element that let paintings live for hundreds of years, enters, become intertwined and integrally part of the creative process.

One of the early sketches. Note the hands are still completely different.
elshaddai 034
Good progress. The lay of the hand/land sorted…
Good to go. Final draft signed off.

The image above was the final draft and we ran with it. Unlike in other later projects of this nature, I did not do a digital preliminary work first. This, second collaboration however, definitely profoundly helped shape the format that would define future projects: The idea of pulling the client into the creative process, very intimately, so that they can really share in the joys and struggles of painting something like this. Very few people get to experience it! So, I share glimpses of the process, every few steps along the way.

flush 057
First brush strokes!
flush 063
Distant mountains taking shape.
flush 068
The end is in sight, but we’re still miles off…

This painting and the entire process was an incredible experience for both client and artist. Definitely one of the pinnacles in my career up to that point.

Naturally, this painting and the whole journey had a very strong spiritual component – like all creative processes – but even more focused and intense because of the theme and the story behind it.

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